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AndreasKalcker #CD, MMS, #SodiumChlorite: #Autism, #ALS, #Cancer, Healing Disease

tell me a little bit about your
background well my background is I've
been doing research in biophysics and
alternative medicine and before and in
other countries so physics is my my what
I like very much so
inventor well one of these boys who will
try to solve problems you know for
because for me for the problems or the
problem for me a problem is a challenge
see your problem solver yeah actually I
like it because from even my friends
know me when I was a kid I like when
there's a problem there let's let's fix
it you know I'm one of these people who
like to fix problems and I just like it
and it's it's part of my nature hmm and
and so tell me a little bit about how I
you know moving forward into the area of
research that you're in now biophysics
tell me about how you how you got into
that field because you've you've gone
from being an inventor now what what
attracted you about biophysics well in
the 90s I was working in the in
Barcelona and the real world it's called
the technologic center a new center of
new technologies it's high-tech stuff
and all that so working on that when you
try to repair big computers or whatever
and then you come over and see that
nature works much better so you look how
nature solves problems and you see that
nature is always more intelligent than
we all think we are because we are not
and if then you copy nature then you get
to the right point so biophysics is
actually the physics of nature right and
so interesting so you started studying
the way that nature itself is is working
and then decided to take a little deeper
look on in that yes yes because I think
if we want to come forward we have to do
it as nature does because nature isn't
Librium that's we are not you know the
humans are right now we as we as humans
are destroying our planet and that's not
the right way I think mm-hmm yes that's
that's true and so that's an interesting
sort of segue into some of the things
that you're doing and you know we will
get into the other health issues but
you've actually been involved in
inventing or or replicating I guess some
of the work that's been done by other
inventors in a certain way so tell me a
little bit about the the engine that
time oh I noticed that it's a is it a
gate engine so that was it yeah yeah
basically it's from Paul Bunton when the
beginning so he said let's lay make some
an engine with waters but basically you
can put engine on the water all the time
this isn't thing it's known from the
Second World War actually and where they
put water into the into the diesel in a
way they mixed it and there's another
project in Germany to where they have in
düsseldorf a professor during 12 years
he mixed till 50 percent water to the
diesel so what's happened I just I just
want to interject something there which
is really interesting and I didn't know
that it was going to go this way but my
dad was in the Second World War and he
was in he was in the Canadian Army but
heat when I was growing up he said well
you know I have no idea why we've gone
dad back down to you know now 9 miles to
the gallon he was fixing tanks and that
was his job was to make the tanks go
farther and he said we used to be able
to get a hundred miles to the gallon
with diesel and I mentioned this when I
was in a class with some scientists and
they thought I was totally off my rocker
and he said well your dad was making
that up was he joking dadada and my
dad's no longer with us but it's so
interesting that you're saying this
because it's a huge confirmation from my
childhood yes I don't have my dad around
anymore to ask and so I'm driving it
it's actually a very easy thing you know
for example for example in let's make it
simple for the people that don't
understand about engines we know that an
engine inside is an explosion you know
and the explosion pushes down the piston
so this creates heat the explosion makes
heat but there's another thing this is
expansion for example if expansion is
when water makes steam you know so if
you have and you mix both together in
the right amount in the right time and
the resin so if you create for example
an explosion with a little explosion
with but that makes a lot of steam
so actually what pushes down the piston
is the steam and not the not the
explosion and the heat right and the
difference is when you do it that way
this team that's an expansion cools down
the engine so this is when you go to
Internet and see more I have some videos
in YouTube there so you can put your
hand on you can put the hand on the
engine and you don't get burned hmm and
you have a very high efficiency in this
and a very high power compared to that
and well I'm working on that and working
other things too
there are many many very interesting
things and technologies that have been
actually forgotten or suppressed other
people say whatever right and well I'm
gonna go with the option to because I
think that was my initial sense of
things because he continued on in the
army and there were these questions in
his mind and there is not
it wasn't even as much a question but he
was kind of getting us thinking and just
going I wonder why da da da da da
because he had a 1963 Buick when I was
growing up and used to keep it going and
he you know always fiddling with it but
he just went 9 miles to the gallon you
know it was that kind of feeling of he
was just playing the game a little bit
and knew knew otherwise and so I think
that's what piqued my interest about the
fact that there is another world that is
at in operation here definitely that's
keeping this information away from us
well actually I've been quite into this
world and with all the people a long
time and I can say well there are many
think'll people that think there's a
conspiracy well the conspiracy for to me
has a name and these name is three words
make more money that's the name of the
conspiracy you know so it's very easy
it's if you go
all this way make more money is the the
basic worldwide conspiracy we have so
everything it's based on this three
words and we are getting really bad bad
and worse words because for example in
Europe the text heis text text stuff is
the gasoline so the government's not
interested to bring down the shares of
the cars are in hand in the hands of the
ones that own the oil so they are not
interested to bring it down it's just
they try to create a dependency
equilibrium mm hmm interesting well we
won't go too far into that I think we've
covered the general concept that there
might be some other things happening
here then you know it's something that
doesn't meet the eye right away and I
think sometimes that's the hardest thing
for people to wrap their minds around
and you know when I was about 20 years
old I met a guy who had an idea for
making an engine more efficient and he
was driving a you know a Corvette the
nine miles to the gallon type of a
vehicle and had no visible means of
income and I thought well where did this
guy who's my age get all this money from
and it turns out he had created
something that the oil companies were
interested in but what they did is they
they had him sign a nondisclosure
agreement and then ripped up the you
know the invention you see what we're
doing right here and so that was another
clue for me that there were things going
on that were again not meeting meeting
the I accept that I could see that he
obviously had some money from somewhere
and that that seemed to be where it was
so again these are the things that draw
us into this world that is maybe not the
world that we're seeing immediately and
so that I think it's a good way to start
this interview to just set it up in that
way because for those that are skeptics
out there that think well you know
there's Big Pharma and there's all these
different people who have our interests
at heart
sometimes it's the same as with the oil
companies there's a lot of money to be
made in keeping things quiet and so that
brings me to the other area that I'm
really wanting to focus on and that is
the chlorine dioxide or sodium
right as it's known and it can be
confusing again because it's known by
two different names so can you explain a
little bit about what chlorine dioxide
is to begin with yeah sure let's say
chlorine dioxide is made of a precursor
and the precursor is sodium chloride and
this precursor is very alkaline with a
pH of 13 so how do you create a chlorine
dioxide from it well if you mix these
sodium chloride with an acid for example
HCl then the it reacts it reacts and it
turns yellow and it creates the chlorine
dioxide that's captured in the water
then you add it to water and this gas is
very very very soluble in water
one of the most soluble at all it does
not bind chemically but it it's like
like like a magnet let's say I try to
make it simple here I can mmm and like a
magnet attract it into the molecular
structure because it's a very similar
structure and so it's it's it's captured
into these water molecules and we have
chlorine dioxide in the water this
chlorine dioxide this gas is stable till
11 degree centigrade and from that point
upwards it evaporates you know this is
for example how it works
so if you heat it up it just gets out of
the water and you've got clean food
clean water and again and that's it in
the industry it's used to make
disinfection everywhere in the world for
hundreds of hundred years already and
it's actually the most efficient one
because it does not create any harmful
byproducts like th m3 hello machines or
other cancerous products it's not
chlorine itself because chlorine does
clearing green bytes with other
molecules chlorine notes it does not so
in a chlorine dioxide is another
advantage it is a very broad pH band
efficient so it's much better than
actually you have it in the high
high-class parts of the world they use
chlorine dioxide they don't use chlorine
actually no bitch isn't it each is a
very different thing people don't
understand what well that's why I'm
trying to get this at the very top
because you know the thing that we get
is bleachers you know and when I was
talking to Carrie Rivera of course we
get comments on that video quite a bit
you know she's a bleacher and so I will
explain me what bleach is there we go
let's bleach together take a deep
breathe profile please I could take it
okay your bleaching right now because
you're taking oxygen every bleach
process is an oxygen process an
oxidation process and without oxygen you
do nothing actually you don't burn the
bleach process is a burn process a slow
burn process so any process like
breathing is a bleaching process too so
in my hometown I was born in Phuket are
they were bleaching at 100 200 300 years
ago on the fields the with the this is
Wuppertal this was in in this industry
this was a bleach industry with water
and the Sun water Sun oxygen is
bleaching - so the bleach process is a
process that's a natural process it's
used all over it is nothing to do with
it's good or bad it's a question of
concentration so it's the same like an
asset for example if you have an asset
that is HCl for example that's this high
so how do you say in English HCl is a
hydrochloric acid so you say oh my god
it will burn your hand down and depend
on the concentration it have the 37
degrees of course it will eat through
your your flesh but we have it everybody
in our stomach mm-hmm why we don't get
killed about it because the question of
concentration so toxicity is
concentration all the rest is BS
actually every single pharmaceutical
product is a toxin every one of them
this is why the pharmaceutical industry
snake around this stick now so a bleed
even not not even as toxin because it
just fills you the body with oxygen lets
the oxygen process so the people that
say it's believes they should study a
little bit and they will see by
themselves that it's not a negative
process at all so it's a question of
concentration and not a question of of
nothing else actually when we understand
the process then we can always speak
about it the rest is copy-paste opinion
and this is some what we have too much
actually in nowadays interesting way of
putting it it's it's copy paste and ad
hominem which you know is in I guess I'm
not sure how that translates in German
but it's basically an attack on the
person as compared to what the message
is well yeah let's say one thing for
example usually if you want to find if
somebody's right or wrong look at the
critics if the critics are criticizing
only the person and not what he says
then most likely they don't have
arguments anymore mm-hmm right that's a
very succinct way of putting it
so now moving on to what how we're
applying this technology as it's not
it's old technology which is kind of
interesting we always think of
technology as being brand news you know
whatever is a new out of the box but
really a nature has its own technology
that's and it's a body own technology
because yes oxidation is what blood does
all the time for example your blood
usually gets acid more acid with time by
time you know we get that's a this is
why when when we breathe each time we
breathe we oxidize you put oxygen the
bleach the strongest bleach ever oxygen
we put it into the lungs and this oxygen
is caught and put in the bloodstream and
the red blood cells are transporting it
and how do they release it actually this
is a question you know they release it
where it's more acid it means where
there is an infection or where there's
work done or more lactic acid wherever
for example if you work a lot
with your muscles then the blood
releases the oxygen right there not
somewhere else right there and this is
called the Bohr process M it's known in
medicine but it's not looked after right
in the right way because it creates an
more alkaline environment and when you
see that the pathogens usually are all
acid then you say hey the body is very
clever because he puts a oxygen and
oxidizer to the point where the pathogen
is because when you have an infection
that's in acid part 2 so the acidity in
your body is controlled by the blood
system that tries to put oxygen to make
these area more alkaline right because
we have to understand one thing and I
might try to make it out very easy
sorry for the pros here I it's I try to
make it easy to everybody to understand
oh I think that's wonderful so imagine
for example we have we have a lemon on
the one hand we have a lemon and you
know lemon is acid okay so how can you
make a lemon alkaline very easy by
burning if you burn down these lemon
then you have ash and ash is very
alkaline actually in the former times
they made this hope out of ash agent
that so the ashes are alkaline and the
the acids are acid in this way so the
body uses the same process with the
bloodstream to convert the metabolic
acidosis into a non metabolic acidosis
now we read a lot in intent we have to
eat alkaline and have to eat alkaline
and I say wait a moment because if you
wait for example 100 kilo or whatever I
doubt that 200 grams of food can make
100 kilo alkaline especially because you
usually don't know if even if it's 300
because especially the food is always
acid - so what the food does is to SFI
less this is a very different thing it's
not L meaning actually we are alkaline
by breathing and this works this way the
blood enters into the lungs and then we
take in these strong oxidizer called
oxygen or bleach mm-hmm
so funny and the way we take these
oxygen in these blood is bleached to a
higher pH to 7.41 mmm so each time we
breathe the blood from 7.3 it's more
alkaline to 7.4 and how often do we do
that well we do it 24 hours a day
hopefully so if not or we have a severe
problem exactly
so you are doing this all in how much is
that well you are doing from 15,000 to
25,000 litres a day so what is happening
that the people that are what's it
different than the one that are 15,000
and 250 25,000 well 25 thousands of
people that are making exercise and
15,000 is the one that are couch
potatoes so I have a question what do
you think who's the one who's more
healthy the couch potato
all the language does exercise what do
you think well this is an interesting
question because of course it's the one
that's doing more exercise yeah but this
is our yeah and he's taking more bleach
and he's more healthy obviously and how
it comes to the very strong thing in
denim Harmon 1956 that that frees free
radicals and free radicals are bad for
your health and everybody believes it
because it's a theory this theory shows
by the free radical theories the one who
makes exercise should be more and
unhealthy than the one that's a couch
potato so we can see that actually
science is based nowadays on beliefs
it means it's a belief system it's a
religion it's not signs anymore
because belief means not to know and the
theory is a belief the problem is that
science is based on theories over
theories and when one of the basic
theories is wrong no one wants to change
it because the card house will go down
mm-hmm and this is when you try to pin
when if you push these card house down
everybody goes for you
hands you down he's a quack he's or
whatever and so on so on so like Andrew
Wakefield he made the vaccines cannot be
and so on so forth and many others too
so these world is based on a science
that is a religion that is based on
beliefs and not in fact they try to say
that is facts but actually it's not
because this is one point and the other
point is that in 2004 dr. Michele
hristov in Germany had got won the
German prize proving it with three
different universities that theoretical
so the the oxidative stress actually is
prolong gating life is not reducing it
but the industry that's selling
antioxidants for thirteen billion
dollars well obviously they don't like
that so much they want to go on selling
and it's the three word conspiracy
called make more money responsible for
it you find it everywhere in our world
right now everywhere it doesn't matter
where you are I don't criticize it I
just give the data so everybody can make
what he wants with it and so it's logic
to because the people want and needs to
make money everybody needs to have the
fridge something in the fridge not only
light because then the true illumination
is in you're inside your fridge you know
good one I like all your analogies
that's great so it's the thing is the
way I work so we know now that the blood
is making your body more alkaline by
using oxygen or oxidizing as an oxidizer
okay now let's go to these chlorine
dioxide gas this gas is so so soluble in
that if you take it and it's immediately
absorbed by your mucus and you water gee
mammal in the book has done mistakes on
terms of science yes he said it's going
into the red blood cells no it does not
obviously what it does it's in the
plasma so in the blood water because we
only have 6 litres of water but we have
maybe 60 litres of interstitial fluids
also water in the body so this is goes
much deeper than the blood can go
because it mixes with a body flu it's
not not only with the blood immediately
it means for example it can go where
others liquids are usually not present
or very little present like that's
interesting yeah because this is this is
was the reason why I was cured by
arthritis I had and I had a nut rises I
could not leave even a pen and this was
in when I take this stuff in the
beginning I was very critical to it too
because you have to be skeptical it'll
be a skeptic is a good thing but you
have to be open skeptic not a not a
blocked one you know great and so the
first time when we I got it here and
said well I have to drink that stuff and
we had a little dog and this little
little dog was quite old and barely
wagging the tail a little bit and always
all the daylight down
barely moving so at night before I went
to bed I gave some drops to him and well
actually he did I heard it was a female
she didn't like it at all but the taste
was obviously not too good at that time
because at that time we used citric acid
we don't use it anymore so um next time
I open the door the dog were running
barking like Tenny or say like like
years ago and I was amazed about that so
I said well I will try it so I tried it
and it cured me actually in what kind of
time frame are we talking here didn't
speak about about two three months
mhm and it is the
curiosity where the pain was going away
very fast actually okay
but you know it's a logarithmic you know
it's it's the big pain goes away and
then it's goes less less less less less
still till you in the end you can play
the piano again you know yeah you can do
it you can make all movements the hands
are going soft things you would never
you can I cannot do that that rises no
way right I am pretty amazing so this
when you experience something by
yourself there's no one who can convince
you of the opposite mm-hmm that's it and
when you are a German there where it's
tough on the German German I have German
in me as well I have okay well we I'm
sorry to say I'm a German yes I am in
Spain you see a square head and but the
thing is that you're very stubborn and
you want to know why and if you
understand now that these oxidizer gets
into deep tissue by the liquid because
it's so hydro soluble as a gas as
nothing else and it does another thing
it does exactly the same like the blood
it releases oxygen where it's more as
acid we know before that in the acid
part where it releases the oxygen and we
know that chlorine dioxide release
oxygen in the moment then it finds some
an acid another acid counterpart so the
oxygen is released the pathogen is burnt
or the whatever and the environment is
more alkaline and if you have the
environment at alkaline and the pathogen
burnt well it's what's called you get
more healthy well the logical question
just before we move on is if it does
that with the pathogens and whatever
else is in there which we also know
about then why does it not harm the body
because the body has a pH of seven point
three right so your body has a semi
iterating that exactly so the your body
and the blood is at pH that's slightly
alkaline and at the that point these
substance is quite neutral let's say
but if you find something in the blood
that is very acid then it reacts and the
more acid the stronger it reacts
actually so for example if you you know
for example an e coli or Salmonella it
reacts very strong and very fast so it
is selective this is actually wide works
on malaria because the malaria is a
parasite that lives inside the red blood
cell and they protected it as it lives
inside the red blood cell our immune
system cannot detect it easily or eat it
because he will not our immune system
will not digest the own blood cells
right it would it would be named
autoimmune disease at that part because
nobody understands it
but it is not that way so the the our
system has the red blood cells and
inside these red blood cells are the
trapezoids of the malaria parasites
these parasites are eating the red blood
cell from inside but their fecal matter
is very very acid - so these red blood
cells are not at seven-point-three as we
are the other blood cells these blood
cells have a very low pH compared to the
other ones now imagine the fluid in
between the red blood cells is these
substance like chlorine dioxide and when
you take this fluid only three drops mmm
and you calculate how many molecules are
for each red blood cell what does it
mean if you have these typical three
drop doors I calculated it it's around
four hundred thirty three million
molecules per red blood cell that's a
lot only with three drops and this is
widely in works in malaria with taking
the high doses and it really cleans up
the blood from these parasites because
they are more acid and that's what it is
mmm the same happens in the in the in
the gut and the gut if you have the good
and the bad ones let's say I don't
believe that I go to bad ones there are
opportunistic ones because if you the
God is healthy there you have good and
bad ones but if the God is bleeding the
good ones turn bad too uh interesting
yeah it's like it's there's no such
thing like good bad it's just
opportunism right they turn bad exactly
its yeah I imagine if you have a cache
that's always open
one day somebody puts money they'd end
up in the pocket you know
and so these bacterias that are ph-
are oxidized that's it and the bacteria
that are pH higher or more alkaline like
our ones they are symbiotic why because
you cannot attack the body if you have
the same pH it's the same
electrochemical level for example you
need a different pH only if you have
positive positive in magnets for example
they repel so these other bacterias are
repelled in a way they cannot attack as
hell so if you have now a positive and a
negative then they attach to another and
the bacteria can attack the self in this
way or the other environment so it is
always a question of pH and the more
acid the the bacteria the more harmful
it is usually too you know and depending
what and types but they are doing what
just what they do they are making their
work mm-hmm
it's I just find this whole thing very
fascinating and I think this is the part
that people gloss over when they're
having these discussions around very
high it's a very complex idea and yet it
can't you you put it forward in a very
simple way but I think this the
complexities and critical thinking
that's often missing in these
discussions and so I'm really thankful
that you're going into such detail as
far as being able to explain it to the
audience it's great I have to admit that
I'm not doing it in a very scientific
way right now and if there's a
professional I apologize for that but I
want to I want to go Tom's was the basic
on the basic principle means that the
body you can go to bio dynamics and and
pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
and you can go really down down down to
these points yes but that's not the
point in its is you have to know the
basic principles and the basic
principles of the body is pH driven
everything in our bodies pH driven
everything so if we know that and then
we know how things work so that releases
oxygen pH based and the chlorine dioxide
does the same and that's it mm-hmm so I
kind of took you down a bit of a rabbit
trail there but I think it was very
worthwhile we were talking about how
you're healing went and we were sort of
discussing you know the process around
that and so you were saying it was three
months that it took but you're you were
feeling the effects of it after a few
days now how many you were you're
talking about I think three drops three
activated drops is that other drugs are
always activated we have to say when I
say to three drops it is always sodium
chloride and HCL 4% what is the problem
for example in the beginning when it
came out as mms we now say CD because CD
is was is the the way with we do it now
with HCl well miracle it was miracle
something or the solution document yeah
so so this exact to it where Jenny
actually but right it is it is if you it
is for someone who Billy is a believer
okay I have to admit that and that's it
and it is it is a miracle but you're
you're going back to the scientific
terminology eyes I try because something
to make I try to clean up actually I'm
writing now a book this book is called
forbidden health and I was writing the
last three years on that actually to put
all the stuff just head things straight
because in the internet is a lot of the
disinformation about what is MMS or what
is CD s or what is whatever so um
we use now as an activator HCl for
percent because the citric acid at 50%
is much too strong in the mix because
this is one thing and it leaves residues
that's sodium citrate and sodium citrate
as well in these doses creates diarrhea
and you can see oh you will get diarrhea
yes you get it with these activator but
you don't get it with the other one and
the HCl is exactly the same acid we have
in our stomach mmm at 4% this is a very
very low concentration you can put it on
your tongue and you will have no problem
so what it is this activated stuff it
leaves the new CD let's say let it
relieves just salt and oxygen and the
old mms let's say leaves with citric
acid leaves solium citrate and this
sodium citrate as well is a nutrient for
a bacteria it's called citrobacter and
these citrobacter is opportunistic
bacteria that can that can cause
diarrhea and that can cause others
things or whatever infection because you
get rid of all the competitors and you
have it just for them you know uh-huh
you got the soccer field to yourself
exactly so this is what it's still
around there this is one point the
second point is in the bottles you can
buy you have to look that is always a PE
bottle of white bottle you know not the
not the PET bottle that's a transparent
one that is a plastic that is slightly
resolved by the high pH so you can make
it short time but not a long time force
for that and the third thing is it
should not have a rubber dropper the
rubber stoppers are not useful too
because the pH of the substance is too
high so what do you do use glass October
optimal logic droppers you know like
optimal the PE polyethylene the wide
typical white one well fall for your
lens cleaners or whatever this is the
correct way to hold it and they have a
correct dropper because the dropper as
let's say 25 drops have to be one
Ram mm-hmm around maximum not more
between 22 to 25 drops so yeah because
if you have a crystal dropper some 20
drops of that that can be 2 or 3 you
know they are very inaccurate to and
this creates a difference II too but all
these movement has been a grassroot
movement and the good thing of that is
that many many people have been healed
and this is a fact I have hundreds or
even though I can say nearly thousand
confirmations of testimonies that said
I'd help me and they said help me that
and on realization that is absolutely
amazing and actually this is the point
where the people start not to believe it
can how can it cure a diabetic leg ulcer
as well as acne and collum disease you
know basically all the illnesses are
acid you know and this is when you when
you bring to these acid part the oxygen
the oxidizer or the bleach let's say for
the follow the most intelligent one if
you if you know change the ph to
alkaline again then the body can heal
easily and perfect and the it can
reconnect you know and it's the ph s
back to the right way that's what it is
it's just the substance that is
oxidizing a way the acid part because
it's selective and this is important
thing the selectivity it does not it
does not go like other substances that
bleach like ozone for some of the treats
right away you know or a hype a clinic
had no hyper chloride to sorry this is
an is another thing hypochlorite this is
really bleach it's not chloride it's
hypochlorite that's it you know the
people let's speak about bleach they
don't know the difference in between
chloride and hyper chloride it sounds
very similar it is different you know so
watch out don't use hyper chloride ever
because that's that's too strong and it
creates side effects
so we are speaking about sodium chloride
sodium chloride mixed with HCL 4% and
that is creating the effect that you get
this gas called C D or whether let's say
because this water CD is gas in the
water dissolved
that's chlorine dioxide mm-hmm okay so
that's that's a really great thorough
way of explaining how it works and as
far as anecdotally now I've heard that
there are people that are using it for
ALS Lou Gehrig's disease I always get
two I get tongue-tied when it comes to
actually I know that sclerosis is there
for example in the right now it is
approved as an orphan drug in Brussels
for Europe and they don't use the
dioxide that you lose a precursor they
use the sodium chloride it would be much
better to get the way we do it because
we have it already have several doctors
who are making it and making the
research one of these doctors has a low
gearing disease and we are making a
special he's getting much much better on
all terms and he was really going down
the hill and he is a doctor he is now we
developed a system of injecting it and
it is not the standard what you can do
because you cannot inject mms as that is
different thing but it's based on the
same principles so there it has a huge
effect on him and he know the cramps are
gone he started to speak again and wow
that's that's an amazing thing right
there because I have a dear friend who's
actually in a hospital bed and he's been
at this point he can barely move his
eyes and so of course I have a deep
interest in this so you're saying it's
injectable now does it this is a I have
to say this is now we developed together
with these doctor injecting form you
cannot do that publicly it is not legal
if you're not a doctor so it's a
- does it for himself there's no law
that can go against it interesting right
so he's using himself as his own not
getting any peace he says I'm he
actually he contacted me and said
Andreas I want to be a guinea pig I have
these illness and said okay I cannot do
that to normal but two persons I'm not
allowed to do that because you have to
make it under certain clinical aspects
and trials and so he said no no I'm a
doctor I want to be the guinea pig so
tell me what I have to do and I will do
it right and I told him well if it's up
to your responsibility you know what it
is and so he said don't be asked me give
me give me what I have to do well he
can't sue himself that's why he was he
he do it to himself in a way but he was
not sold down he was he could still move
not well but he could move still so now
he's on a path he was going down like
this first slowed down by ingestion
already just by ingestion it was really
a huge difference and of course if we
can get a deeper into the tissue we're
most likely is the residence of these
illness let it be a bacteria let it be a
virus let it be a parasite
I don't care actually it's oxidized the
way that's it you know you don't have to
argue with no one if it's this or that
or whatever in the moment because the
fact is we want to help the people you
know who cares about the name mm-hmm
precisely so that's why it works on so
many different levels as you were saying
all illnesses and pathogens and that
sort of thing are basically just guys
that have gone bad in your body and that
so this is this is going to that's it's
across the board which i think is the
confusion that a lot of people have as
to why it would work and i think it's
great that we've set that up so well
because when we're talking about ALS or
diabetes or MS I've heard MS has similar
characteristics I guess to ALS in the
sense that it is debilitating and it's
it's causing nerve damage and that sort
of thing but it arthritis could be
to be causing nerve damage as well it is
one of the most illnesses around right
now yes and only for this it's a big
help home how many people are affected
and it goes later work as worse and
worse and worse so the earlier you do it
you ought to get rid of it that's that's
a fact mm-hmm so as far as the autism ty
and it's interesting because I you know
I I have a daughter that works with kids
and and I've worked with a lot of kids
and of course we've had this paradigm of
autism as being incurable and yet when I
understand it as being a neurological
issue we had this discussion she and I
and she said well it's a brain problem I
said yes but you know her dad had
encephalitis and so I'm saying it's a
mistake yeah it reminds me there was a
professor coming to me and discussing
Kyle Carrillo wrong that it's a brain
problem he was somewhere in the East I
think Bulgaria or somewhere and said
it's a brain and I know then I said well
you have a very good vodka here drink
two liters of vodka and try to speak hmm
regardles bigger a little bit like that
now if you are still able to speak
because the alcohol is in your belly but
your brain is affected by any toxin very
good I like that it's such a simple way
of putting it
it's great and and it makes so much
sense whether your brain is affected or
whether your limbs are affected or
whatever it is it all has the same you
know inception and so tell me a little
bit about the the I the the metal tie-in
with parasites and and I found out quite
interesting because we're talking about
heavy metals and all the different
things in the environment this ties in
with that as well because the parasites
are actually and the pathogens are using
the heavy metals to hide if I got that
now we go to the different thing the we
coming from chlorine dioxide that's
general and the parasites is a different
thing so what I what I've found out is
that a few people most people they take
three drops and it's not a problem they
drink if they feel better and so on so
but there are some exceptions that say
well I take one Robin that don't feel
well at all and this was for me amazing
because I fit here the cat's on the
window is sleeping right now and my cat
takes three drops so it's a big cat of
course but it's a cat and and say it's
not possible because you can calculate
the weight and so on what's going on
one drop cannot harm a body so much till
I found out that when a body is infected
by big parasites like nematodes or worms
then most likely these worms are not
killed by the chlorine dioxide but they
get very upset and these getting upset
in the worm means they'll dump more
toxic waste into your body okay long
story short the worms get diarrhea you
know and inside you and when the worms
get diarrhea inside you sorry but not
but it's just trying to hopefully
nobody's having their dinner right now
and so if if the worms dump their waste
inside you all at the same time you have
a big problem this is what's causing
actually in for example in case of
fibromyalgia and all these chronic
illnesses and when we now go then to the
World Health Organization well in the
statistics you can google it out 1 out
of 3 persons in the world has worms hmm
don't worry it's not used on me it's
someone else I know the other three
people somewhere else it's someone else
always known so we run with our dog to
the pet to the veterinarian every 2
months we give him a pill or to get
worms but wait a moment and I and we you
know wait we're above that sort of thing
exactly so this is something because we
have to understand that a parasite can
have not only parasite the parasite
inside can have his own bacterias and
his own viruses in
we have the we have normally in in the
pathogen area we have bacterias we have
more hangers we have virus and we have
parasites but the parasite itself inside
can have all three again you know so why
because usually if you're a little worm
and inside a body you don't have a big
system you don't have a stomach like
like we have and the liver or liver in
renal system you know that can clean
everything up so he has not so how does
he do it well he uses bacterias to
digest but these bacterias little worms
use are very very strong ones too strong
for us actually and and to asset because
more acid the more they can digest the
stronger they are
let's logic so and if these parasites
now get diarrhea all these bacteria sky
red right into you your bloodstream your
belly or whatever interesting serve like
a circular problem exactly that's always
a circular problem and these bacterias
inside your body create now the problem
you know then I found that out and I
created a protocol together with Miriam
edit because there was our nephew he had
autism I didn't know this illness in the
beginning and I said the really strange
thing and so on but when you go to to
the point and state later I come to the
fact that wait a moment this is parasite
because I read a paper where the paper
said if you want because this is this
boy he was gluten he was celiac and this
scientific paper explained that if you
put a mice nipple strongest brasiliensis
that's a nematode a worm know the the
enzymes of the worm after 12 days he
gets celiac and it's a wait a moment we
have the paper that says if the worm can
do that why can't do it in the mat in
the human and so you look up and you say
well the human can have tons of
different worms specially asked Harris
and when you see
then the World Health Organization says
one out of three and when you see now
the rise of gluten problem say wow this
was called going on here we didn't have
much it's more right putting these two
ideas together when you see the rise of
the autism you can see that going on
together and everything fits you have
more gluten problems and everything and
then when the industry takes wheat that
is Monsanto wheat let's say with
glyphosate the glyphosate ruins the
intestines you know that that's a fact
and it's but slowly you know so what do
what's happening now well the fields are
sprayed with glyphosate they put the
genetic modified weed on it it's the
only thing that can grow and these weeds
sucks all the glyphosate is in it's in
the grain you know it and these grain is
our bread in the wheat in the corn you
know and all and in the soy and that's
what we day-by-day eat and this is
what's bringing us down bit by bit we
are poisoned mm-hm and this poison is
absolutely positive - all these
nematodes because they have a very good
environment there they can they can live
as they want they're you know and
because as your weak use all the system
goes down and everything is perfect for
them but that for us right that's a
really great explanation of that because
there is such a huge percentage of the
population that is intolerant of these
various things but it has to do with
what is being sprayed on the you know
that the GMOs himself and the all the
attendant things that are happening with
GMOs as well as the seeds or whatever it
is and and as far as the heavy metals do
you have any information you have to see
for example in all the nematodes of the
worms of the parasites use they'll that
they use Merck obtains mark obtains is a
substance that captures
mercury Murr captain you know right
so the mercury they capture it and they
use it actually the University of
Karlsruhe found 175 times more heavy
metals in liver flukes what does it mean
why do they need and what do they do we
don't know actually
all the deepness but in the first place
every metal is a cation it means it's
positively charged in your body and so
it can work like a shield like a
chemical shield against being digested
because that's the problem of the worms
the worms and the digestive tract and
they're not digested how do they do that
well actually they need these heavy
metals to defend themselves against
being digested by the acid of things for
example and other other liquids so this
it's like a shield this is one thing and
this is a this is what they do there may
be many other things too and this is now
hypothesis from my PI and time but it
explains very well many things these
metal inside turns them on the other
hand to antennas to living antennas so
if you are in a magnetic field for
example you can see that with autistic
kids when you put them in fields where a
lot of magnetism around ourselves from
electric electric EMS EMS exactly they
get they get very nervous and they get
very bad and that and you take take the
kid then to a field where is no antenna
of nothing and they calm down
it's just so interesting - it's not just
adults yeah it's exactly no you people
who have EMF you know sensitivity are
probably responding to something inside
of their body that is a pathogen or
world internet parasite in charge that
is an antenna and these antennae it
obviously makes them very sensitive to
it this is a better part of the metal we
even don't know how they communicate I
would not be Australia mazed if they use
the antenna function to communicate in
male and female because they're living
in the body and the science now saying
well they are communicating by smells
say wait a moment
the Bloods going every 3 min 2 minutes
around how can you say where's the smell
coming from and it's dark inside there
so it's much more logic to use electric
fluids to communicate so one worm is
making throat and the other make start
no and this is electrical they
communicate what's happening on the
other hand is that they can interfere
with our communication and when they
interfere with our communication then we
can have problems like autism so the
vagus nerve that's the mesenteric system
down there if this is heavily interfered
because all the vagus up there there
it's it's very one of its most important
nor if we have if it's interfered by
parasites of any size not only worms if
I say parasites it's not I'm saying
parasites to not only worms but we have
paralyze that so small like they can be
in the blood you know like malaria for
example so the problem is once these
kids are ill they have tons of different
parasites it can be 300 mm-hmm so this
situation brings us to the other part
that that the metals inside are more
because they don't go through because in
the body tries to expel these heavy
metals but the parasites are holding
them back and when the pears I die in a
place the metals left there and you have
necrosis and maybe assists and lately
have whatever cancer what so on hmm
Paris is it the parent explained on the
other hand is very well the metastases
metastases too because if we say for
example metastasis is from your own
cells there's a problem with it's not
logic I never saw a cell from your butt
migrate to your brain you know and it's
absolutely bogus we're talking about
like the colon cancer yeah let's say for
example if it would be like that then
always in them it would be always in the
same place it may I've had cancer here
so the so the metastases would always be
there if it would be because there's
always an affinity okay if we have for
example parasites that are very happy to
be in an area of cancer because it's a
lot of food a lot of little holiday for
the only day for them and then they the
parasites like for example a TR diya
they can migrate through the body where
they want they can go from one place to
the other they are they are not in the
blossom they can go from one organ to
the oven stay in one organ you know and
this would explain it much better later
when when they die there's some
microscopic small that if you take off
now the kissed or whatever you will not
find obviously the the origin of this
Giardia of this parasite because it's
already dissolved in materials or
organic material you know it's it's it's
obviously in English management so good
yeah well you're doing pretty well my
German is zero so uh so it's absorbed
into the blood so it took a chap you
know it's it's not the absorb no it's
like for example have it's saying you
imagine you have a word and not a word
but a little tiny tiny tiny thing it
dies here so all these area get necrotic
you know not to get tissue in order to
like rotting rotten tissue in the way
okay right mm-hmm
scientific what I know what sorry well
you know but this is good I think it
helps again to keep it keep it for
people who are not scientists so what
I'm trying with my research in
biophysics in alternative medicine not
in the classic medicine is to set up
basic principles that's my idea it's not
of of going so deep Dee Dee Dee deep
into the cell that we know
the effects of NF kappa-b in the
subunits and whatever you know and it's
not the fact we so we are looking so
down down down right now and medicine on
the small thing nobody has to answer
about about a big picture and I'm trying
to get a big picture and that's that's
what I'm trying to do at least you know
obviously have heavily criticized well
yes but it's amazing and I think you're
definitely you know you're you're
rattling the cage as it were and the of
course you're going to get a response
from that because this is if if what you
say is true and I personally believe
that it is I am one of those people that
has had benefits from it but let's say
if there's a university that wants me in
one place I would be very honored I
doubt it but I would love to go to any
kind of official university explain my
ideas there and then give it to the pros
because they are really good pros that
can go much deeper than me great and and
then you can do your studies because a
lot of the problem is that we can't do
the the studies that are required
because that's in you know if people
like yourself have been almost shut out
in the sense that it takes so much in
the way of financing and that sort of
thing and and this becomes back to that
money the you know your three
three-letter conspiracy because you know
it's a self-perpetuating problem in
terms of doing the research and being
able to do the the proof that's needed
for the FDA and then they say well it's
not FDA approved or whatever it is and
that's in the states but whatever the
local approval system is it takes this
kind of research and this kind of
financing and who finances it the drug
companies and various other people who
have a dog in the fight as it were so
we're definitely when I say oh you would
not do it either because who wants to
lose money you know so if you were or
have even more consequences like Daniel
Smith who's now been jailed for his work
with people you know it's amazing to me
what's happening and if we take a look
at him as a case study we go you know
what the heck this is stuff that's on
shelf and it's in camping supply stores
so how even American Airlines and yet
here's somebody who's facing a huge huge
prison sentence and so of course people
go well he must have done something
wrong because it's so it again it puts
this idea into people's heads and it's
used as a deterrent to other people who
might want to be you know looking into
this so I mention him because I think
it's so important that the audience
understands a you know based you know
we've got this that nice sensible kind
of foundation to how it all works and
dadadada and then we go you know on the
opposite flip to the opposite side
there's somebody that's being jailed for
distributing this and it's it's kind of
oh yeah that's right jail me here just
for speaking really yeah I have in how
do you say they either the police take
me from for speaking after the place in
Ibiza and now there's not a second
obviously Kurt will be in the end of the
year whatever whenever because Spain is
very slow on that and for its how do you
say that in English for apology of
sodium of chlorine dioxide ah for like
we just sent disseminating information
that it makes a known legal substance
well here we go the lot the non legal in
it it's a Cirque again another circular
argument of course it's not legal
because they've made it so that you
can't make it legal and therefore it's
not like I mean it just goes round and
round in circles doesn't it well let's
say world's been like that forever in
the Middle Ages there was a guy who said
the world around he went to the stack-on
Giordano Bruno later Martin Luther well
there was 30 years of war because he had
a different opinion than the
the pulp and it goes on and on and on
and on until today because in the 80s
90s I remembered in the gut there's no
way that the gut can have any bacteria
if you have a peptic ulcer no way yeah
and there was a guy who said no we have
here little bacteria it's in the gut you
know know which bacteria I helio back to
pylori no and everybody was laughing on
him they were ridiculing him they were
trying to put out and so on and now he
has a Nobel Prize
so finally 20-year 25 years later you'd
have to wait for a while for years well
usually Max Planck said all these things
are done from grave to grave so you get
a nice plate on your grave and that's it
and but actually that's not the point
the point is that we as humans have to
help other humans to be happy because
happiness is not about what you have you
can have a nice house you can have a
Ferrari when I wrap up about whatever it
makes you may be happy short time but
not deep happiness deep happiness comes
when you are making happy somebody and
this somebody comes back everybody knows
that once you are in love you do
anything for the one you love you try to
making him or her happy so this is these
feedback called love or resonance you
can have now physical love with your
partner but you can have a higher type
of laughs that means with other people
when you really can help them and that's
what's driving me I'm not a saint at all
I don't never been I just I'm I'm
selfish in a positive way so I like to
be happy and I found out to be happy
it's not what I have it's what I do
so helping other people what I achieve
is happiness from them when they get
healed and that makes me habits myself
so if we all use the same principle and
if this principle is done there was a
film with a little boy the pay it
yeah paid for it exactly and we say and
this is what I said in Germany right now
it was a very intense thing in this
thing we because I
had many people that are cute and when I
have a seminar and they say hey Andreas
thank you very much you saved my life
and I can cured of cancer or I'm cured
of this and then whatever and I'm very
happy about that but then I asked them
and said wait a moment
did you tell it to your doctor no no no
no no what will you think about me I
said that's not right we have to have
the coming out it means if it works bad
publish it if it works good publish it
but it's your obligation to help other
people's too so if you get healed first
tell it to the doctor and second help
three people at least and this is what
we achieved with the mums and I'm so
helpful with all these mothers there are
178 recovered kids now in autism I just
did the recipe I didn't do anything else
the thing is that the mothers helped the
other mothers in Facebook and one the
other and when there was a problem the
other mothers help and this is really
the big thing about it it's mothers
helping mothers and this is the truth
because I can lie as anyone can lie but
if there is a recipe and this recipe
works on one kid the other kid the other
kid there's nobody who can shut that
down and this is something sorry this is
something that's so important because
I'm so happy and these mothers really
defended that and don't let these go
down you know go on forward pay pay it
forward and help the others and then
things will change because actually
things are changing in the world
there are two types of people the ones
who are in the old world and the new
world that the ones that are waking up
and they're more and more people waking
up every time every day and this is a
really important thing you know so I'm
very happy about that but we have to
make the coming out so everybody who has
something I asked I'm staying on the
stage I maybe go to jail
whatever like Danno and the others well
at least I can bribe finish my book and
they give you a pen and paper hopefully
so and but that's that's not the point
the point is yes we have to do it
together in a way and to get forward be
happy create a positive more positive
work because where you look everything
is negativity you know you switch TV who
wants to see television nowadays because
always only negative energy what for you
need it no because the negative energy
actually permits that your body goes
down completely and this is I can prove
scientifically because if you are on the
constantly on the paracin as you have to
have in the system thus empathic and the
parasympathetic you know and if it's
constantly on this empathic that's not
sympathetically sympathy nothing old if
you know the synthetic it means hit or
run you know it means that you defense
system is always down and the ears in
the fields that are killing the
parasites are eliminated by your own
defense system because you have a
hormone and this hormone is cortisol you
know like corticoids is the same effect
but its own and these hormone kills
these hills inner fuels it's white blood
cells then that kills the larvae from
from the parasites actually well that's
interesting because the cortisol is
something that is actually prescribed
for people who are having problems with
joints and that sort of thing so if I if
I'm not mistaken also really what we're
doing is we're perpetuating the problem
with the parasite yes and if you then
have a stomach blocker you know the like
like omeprazole I don't know the protein
blockers in the stomach that rises the
stomach acid what then is the stomach
acid is a natural barrier against every
single pathogen so usually if the
stomach acid is strong all pathogens are
burned down there it doesn't matter what
kind of passage and it is usually and
but if the stomach acid the pH is rising
getting too alkaline
the opposite happens every gold finger
goes through for example if you have you
have a dog maybe you wonder how it's
possible that the dog can eat rotten
really rotten rotten stuff and he loves
it even oh wow how can you it's so yucky
and this dog has ten times stronger
stomach acid than us this is why he can
and he's not getting ill about it
no hmm so the stomach acid is the first
barrier that say the doors of Troy of
our system so if we push them down with
these blockers like the the proper the
proton blockers I don't know how to say
that if you alkaline the the stomach
right then everyone goes through you
know and that's it and that's sorry I
was just going to say this is like the
things that people take when they have
an upset stomach - they they'll take
something like ain't no pepto-bismol I
shouldn't watch ok hey whatever yeah
xanax away and so they take these things
to to be and and and my understanding I
mean I'm an aesthetician I'm not really
you know that's my only background but I
understand that it kashi creates more
acid because your body wants to you know
and same with your skin if you if you
try and get rid of the oil on your skin
by stripping at all then of course
you're you can have more oil because
your body wants to compensate so really
what we're doing is we're adding to the
problem and it's something that I've
mentioned over the years but you're
saying it in in terms of the stomach
we're really it's very counterproductive
at the cortisol the the all these things
that are meant to band-aid everything
are really just adding to the problem
and perhaps you've been creating more of
a problem with the pathogens and the the
yeah can go they can go into deep into
the tissue you know you open the doors
for them and that's a problem because if
you open the doors they are in well you
know we've we've spent an hour and a
little bit more talking about this and I
could you know I could go on and all
just asking you questions because we've
really I think what we've done is we've
created an iceberg so that people can
see it at least you know the tip of the
iceberg means that we're going to
actually know that it's there and if
people want to go deeper into this then
you know I'd like to talk to you again
another time but I'd also like them to
go to your website and take a look
because there's so much there you were
talking a little bit about the the the
decision that was made I noticed that
the Commission I'm just trying to look
at this I've got your website open here
but the European Commission report is on
there that you alluded to and I find
that quite fascinating for anybody that
wants to go into it a little bit deeper
and find out do your own research and go
deeper into it yourself rather than
saying well you know that was
interesting now I'm going to just go
back to gardening you know to open up a
website and maybe a few books and take a
look at some of the the background here
and I think this one's quite interesting
sodium chlorite for treating amyotrophic
lateral sclerosis better known as ALS
and so you've got that specific one on
there but it seems like the European you
know the Europeans generally are way
ahead of the North Americans or they're
not as suppressed as the North Americans
in terms of making some of these
decisions perhaps as I'm making a
comparison you know apples to apples but
both apples are rotten that's exactly
what it is let's say it's an industry
the industry is made it's designed to
make money
we cannot criticize it for it because we
are the shareholders you me whatever you
know even if you don't know you have a
fun investment fund somewhere and this
investment fund takes money from them so
it's not about criticizing them at all
no they do their job but as long as
non-healing is more lucrative than
healing it will not there will be no
change no there will be no answer for
like answer or really good things
because it's it's it's a question of
making money you know in a huge amount
of money actually but and I will say
that there is that one component to that
some without going into a lot of self
blame but I think that people don't want
to make changes I have the advantage of
being raised with sensible mom who she'd
had cancer and so she by the time I came
along much later in her life she was you
know reading Adelle Davis and and she
was had a healthier way of looking at
things and we were living you know she
she was very opposed to any kind of drug
treatments that sort of thing so I had
that advantage and icky tastes and all
that sort of thing were all part of my
childhood so therefore you know sugar
was white death and I say this often but
I want to honor her she did eventually
die of cancer when I was 24 but she was
diagnosed when I was six so in those
days to have lived that long with the
kind of diagnosis she had I think has a
lot to do with the changes that she made
in her life and I I just want to honor
her for the impact she had on me in
terms of understanding some of these
things that people are now kind of going
off sugars not that great because you
know it basically the pathogens are
eating the sugar and she was knowing
this you know she was understanding this
pathogens parasites
thrive on on this sort of thing so we're
feeding yes exactly so it makes total
sense to me when you talk about this you
know so I have her to thank for laying
the foundation many people don't have
that kind of foundation and they'll say
well I don't really want to give this up
or I don't want to do that or don't want
to change my lifestyle and therefore
they're they're sick you know they're
they're eating the pizza when they're
diabetic or they're you know they're
they're attracted to these kinds of
foods that are actually feeding the
problem so again I always have my little
grandstanding but I find it really
interesting because you know sometimes
it's our own problem that we won't
make these changes in our lifestyle
that's right mm-hmm it's a desert where
it was a very smart man his name was
Albert Einstein and he said if you
always do the same don't expect a
different outcome mm-hmm
precisely well I'm going to leave it at
on that positive note I'm going to call
that a positive note and thank you so
much for spending this time with me and
helping to explain to others and my way
of passing it on and paying it forward
is to be doing what I'm doing here and
when I find out something that I find to
be life-changing or even altering I want
to share it with other people and so I
really thank you for being able to
explain it to my audience in such a
succinct way I thank you because without
without people like you who really want
to go to the truths and bring out the
truth to the people and that are
fighting to get the things with the
heart Anand and not with the wallet you
know and that's it's like people like
you who are really making the change in
the world an
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