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TOPIC: Forum Rules - Terms of use

Forum Rules - Terms of use 2 years 8 months before #13

Forum Rules - Terms of use
Above all, we would like to ask for your help and mutual respect. This is especially true for moderators, who represent the interests of everyone in the forum and make possible the high quality of the forums.
Let's be kind to each other.
Please, thank you, patience with newcomers is easy. Compliments belong to personal messages (PN). The accusations and insults have nothing to do here. If something bothers you sometimes, do it easily, because it is usually just a misunderstanding.
First look for questions.
Please use the search function before asking. If you find what you are looking for, you have saved yourself and others many problems. Above all, this is the fastest way to find a solution to your problem.
Choose the right forum
For clarity, the subforums structure the categories. Please choose the correct one. So someone who can help you will quickly find your question.
Publication Holder
If the title describes the problem significantly, a quick fix is ​​more likely to be found. In addition, subsequent visitors with the same problem will find the topic more quickly.
Please pay special attention to the spelling of the owner. Multiple letters and punctuation marks, as well as capital letters, disturb clarity and are not translatable
Questions and Answers
Remember that questions are always answered voluntarily and helpers make an effort. So also make an effort with the formulation, spelling and formatting. Phrases without a period or a comma make understanding difficult. Understandable questions often help (along with the answers) to hundreds of other readers! Questions via email or personal message (PN) are almost never answered and are extremely annoying. Please refrain from doing so unless someone explicitly asks you to do so.
Carefully select the questions that interest you and that you know a good answer. One-line clues lead to frequent questions, which makes the message confusing and has no value for subsequent visitors. Clear and detailed answers help not only the one who asks the questions, but also a hundred readers. In addition, such contributions have the possibility of being included in the FAQ. In exceptional cases it makes sense to add answers. 
Help answering
Of course, you can ask questions at any time. That is normal and does not bother anyone. The final answer that the problem is solved should be obvious. A "Thank you, you helped" will please your helper and then signal to readers that the response was good. Please suggest particularly good answers to interesting questions for frequently asked questions.
Return help
Can anyone help you? Then try to find questions where you can help others. The principle of a forum is always: Help and get help!
Use quotes sparingly
Appointments should be used sparingly. Please do not quote the text of the same pages and shorten as much as possible.
The signature can contain a maximum of 4 (better only 2) lines in normal size including the greeting formula. Graphics, links, domain names and email addresses are not allowed.
Multiple shipments
Please never post the same topic twice, neither in different sub-forums nor at intervals of a few days. If once a topic has not been considered, give yourself an answer after a few days -> This way the topic appears completely back on top! We have nothing against cross messages (questions that have already been asked in other communities ), but we find them to be unwelcome in almost every other forum. Suggestions with cross-message links are annoying and are not welcome here.
Expressions that glorify violence, are sexist, discriminatory, inhumane or punishable by law are especially prohibited. Also links to sites with such content. In addition, we prohibit links without reference to the subject or for commercial purposes and the publication of emails and telephone numbers. These rules should serve as a guide for the success of the contributions themselves, not as a basis for arguments. If you still want to get someone's attention, please use a personal message (PN).

Use the search engine
It is a great tool where each user can place one or more words on questions or doubts and by doing so they will obtain results on the specific topics they want to consult. 

Have fun in the forum
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